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Tuition and Fees Schedule 2017-2018

All tuition and fees are non-refundable.


Annual Tuition Rate Plan

Plan 1Child 2 Children 3 Children

A. Parishioner with service

$6,370 $12,110 $17,850
B. Parishioner, no service $9,010 $17,120 $25,230
C. Non-parishioner with service $9,520 $18,090 $26,660
D. Non-parishioner, no service $11,440 $22,880 $34,320


Falcon's Nest (Extended Care) Fees

Plan 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
Hourly Rate $7 $14 $21
Morning only (monthly) $110 $220 $330
Afternoon only (monthly $240 $380 $460
Morning and Afternoon (monthly) $270 $410 $500


Other Fees

New Student Fee Due Date
Application $75 per student ($150 maximum per family) January
Acceptance Deposit $325 per student March
Earthquake/Emergency $20 per student March
Classroom Activity $30 per student March


Existing Students Fee/Obligation Due Date
Re-registration $75 per student, ($150 max per family) January
General Fee $325 per student June 1
Classroom Activity $30 per student June 1


Annual Obligations Fee/Obligation Due Date
Graduation Fee 8th grade only $175 per student, subject to change April 1
Earthquake/Emergency 4th grade only $20 per student June 1

 Sports Booster Fee sports team participants

$10 per student rolling
Fall Festival raffle tickets $120 per family October
Scrip Program ( $150 profit to school or $250 buy-out Apr 30 to buy; Nov 1 buy-out
Parish Support Plans A and B only $15/week donation per family Annually



Tuition is due on the 1st of each month (August-May) and late after the 10th. A late fee of $50 is applied after the 10th.

General fees include book rental, testing, insurance, teaching supplies, yearbook, field trips, PE fees and PTO fees.

Service hours: Both parents are required to have current TB clearance, Fingerprinting, Code of Conduct, and current VIRTUS certificates on file in the school office to qualify for volunteering and a service hour tuition plan (plans A & C).

  • Two parents: 36 hours school + 4 hours parish+ 6 hours festival + 2 auction hours
  • Single-status parent: 18 hours school + 2 hours parish+ 6 hours festival + 4 auction hours
  • 4 hours maximum may be earned in Parish Leadership positions (i.e. Eucharistic Minister, R.E. teacher, Scout leader)
  • School and parish  hours not worked are billed at $25/hour.
  • Festival and auction hours not worked are billed at $50/hour.
  • 85% of hours must be worked in order to retain service tuition plans

Parishioner is defined as a family that regularly attends Mass with minimum donations of $15/week/$780 annually.  Envelopes or cards provided by the parish must be used to record attendance.  Parishioner status will be reviewed in December and May.