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Tuition and Fees Schedule 2018-2019

All tuition and fees are non-refundable.


Annual Tuition Rate Plan

Plan 1Child 2 Children 3 Children

A. Parishioner with service

$6,880 $13,080 $19,280
B. Parishioner, no service $9,730 $18,490 $27,250
C. Non-parishioner with service $10,290 $19,550 $28,810
D. Non-parishioner, no service $12,360 $24,720 $37,080


Falcon's Nest (Extended Care) Fees

Plan 1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
Hourly Rate $7 $14 $21
Morning only (monthly) $110 $220 $330
Afternoon only (monthly $240 $380 $460
Morning and Afternoon (monthly) $270 $410 $500


Other Fees

New Student Fee Due Date
Application $100 per student ($200 maximum per family) January
Acceptance Deposit $500 per student March
TK Fee $500 per student June 1


Existing Students Fee/Obligation Due Date
Re-registration $100 per student, ($200 max per family) January
Student Fee $500 per student June 1


Annual Obligations Fee/Obligation Due Date
Fall Festival Raffle Tickets $120 per family October
Parish Support Plans A and B only $15/week donation per family Annually



Tuition is due on the 1st of each month (August-May) and late after the 10th. A late fee of $50 is applied after the 10th.

Student Fees include book rental, testing, insurance, teaching supplies, yearbook, field trips, PE fees and PTO fees, emergency kit, classroom fee, graduation fee, and Sports Boosters.

Service hours: Both parents are required to have current TB clearance, Fingerprinting, Code of Conduct, and current VIRTUS certificates on file in the school office to qualify for volunteering and a service hour tuition plan (plans A & C).

  • Two parents: 30 hours school + 4 hours parish+ 4 hours Fall Fest + 2 Red Tie Ball hours
  • Single-status parent: 15 hours school + 2 hours parish+ 4 hours festival + 2 Red Tie Ball hours
  • 4 hours maximum may be earned in Parish Leadership positions (i.e. Eucharistic Minister, R.E. teacher, Scout leader)
  • School and parish  hours not worked are billed at $50/hour.
  • Festival and auction hours not worked are billed at $50/hour.
  • 85% of hours must be worked in order to retain service tuition plans

Parishioner is defined as a family that regularly attends Mass with minimum donations of $15/week/$780 annually.  Envelopes or cards provided by the parish must be used to record attendance.  Parishioner status will be reviewed in January.