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Hours of Operation

During the school year the hours of operation are:

Before School:  6:30am to 7:40am
After School:    Dismissal to 6:00 pm

A typical after school schedule would include the following activities:

3:00 - Children sign-in with their unit leaders
3:15 - Prayer, Snack and Outside Play
4:00 - Homework time
5:00 - Unit time begins
5:40 - Clean up activities
5:45 - Free play inside
6:00 - Final Dismissal

The children are divided into units as follows:
- Kindergarten and first grade
- Second and third grade
- Fourth and fifth grade
- Junior High-sixth through eighth grades

Unit time consists of planned, age-appropriate special activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, science, games, and free play. Unit leaders supervise the children during these activities.

The Falcon's Nest children are gathered in a designated area after school to sign-in, say a prayer and then a snack is provided.

Time is set aside at 4:00 to allow the children to do their homework after outside playtime and before unit activities.
Falcon's Nest is open on some non-school days. The days Falcon's Nest is open will be noted on the school calendar. Monthly afternoon users do not pay an additional charge for non-school days; all others pay $7.00 per hour.

The fees for Falcon's Nest are as follows:
Monthly Morning only:
$110.00 per child

Monthly Afternoon only:
$240.00 for ONE child
$380.00 for TWO children
$460.00 for THREE children

Monthly Morning and Afternoon:
$270.00 for ONE child
$410.00 for TWO children
$500.00 for THREE children

$7.00 per hour per child morning or afternoon for those families that do not attend on a regular basis.

Late Pick-Up fee:
$1.00 per minute per child not picked up after 6:00 p.m.
$5.00 per minute per child that is not picked up after 6:15 p.m.

Late Payment Fee:
$25.00 charged to monthly accounts paid late