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St. Kateri Tekawitha Celebration
by Danay Dunn and Vivian Nguyen

This past Wednesday October 21st, St. Philip the Apostle School has celebrated the anniversary of the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha. Three years ago on October 21st, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI canonized St. Kateri. She is the first Native American to be canonized a saint, but the fourth Native American venerated in the Roman Catholic Church. She is important because the United States was first inhabited by Native Americans and so therefore we are celebrating the roots and ancestry of America. St. Kateri is a Roman Catholic saint; she was part of the Mohawk tribe, she was a laywoman, and a virgin. Suffering smallpox, several scars, and very weak eyes, she knew how to endure and tolerate pain. Although she was shunned and made fun of for her religion, St. Kateri stuck to the Catholic religion, later even making a vow of virginity. Upon her death at the age of 24, St. Kateri’s face cleared of her scars and she became resplendently beautiful. As Catholics, we appreciate and value St. Kateri’s faithfulness to God.


In the office there is a Kindness Bucket and students put the name of a person who has been kind to them this week or who has done a good deed. Student council will announce the names during the announcements. The week of Monday October the 19 is Kindness week. Tuesday October 20, students could wear a blue shirt to represent kindness instead of their uniform polo shirt.


St. Philips celebrated the feast day of St. Kateri on Wednesday, October 21st. This week is Kindness Week and students are encouraged to do a kind deed for others, and show the St. Philip’s quality and spirit. Being a school community, this is important and we should always offer a helping and friendly hand as well as open hearts for those in need.


The week of Kindness, St. Philip will be hosting different activities for the students. On Tuesday, students could wear a teal or blue shirt to represent kindness and anti-bullying. On Wednesday, St. Philip will have an Assembly celebrated the canonization of St. Kateri. At the assembly, students will be given blue wristbands of a reminder of being kind. On Thursday, St. Philip’s will have a moment of prayer to remind us to be kind. During this week, students can nominate fellow students if they have been kind to you and put their name in the pink bucket in front of the office so the student council can announce their name and congratulate them for being kind to others. 


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