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Second Grade Las Posadas by Grace Brewer



The falcons at Saint Philip are always learning something new and exciting. The second graders are doing a special celebration, so they can learn what other cultures do during Christmas time, and why. They will be participating in a special activity to represent the Las Posadas Advent celebration. This is a tradition in Mexico, and the tradition is to hold Posadas during the nine days before Christmas. This represents the journey Mary and Joseph went on to find a place to give birth to Jesus. To do this at school, the second graders have started off by making piñata ornaments, and each different point on the ornament represents one of the Seven Capital Sins, so if they can make it until Christmas, without opening the piñata, it represents them resisting the sins. After they do that, two students in the class will be chosen to represent Mary and Joseph, and will have the special opportunity to dress up. The students, will then begin to walk around the school going classroom to classroom, until somebody lets them in. This is to represent Mary and Joseph’s struggle of finding a place for Mary to give birth to Jesus. Once someone finally lets them in, they enter and celebrate with a special meal, and in this case they will receive hot chocolate. This is a great way to help students understand the different ways people celebrate Christmas, and a special thanks to Stela Garcia, a parent of one the the second grade students, for introducing the second grade class to this wonderful tradition. 


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