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Transitional Kindergarten


Program Information


The Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the first year of the two year Kindergarten program that is designed to prepare students for success at St. Philip the Apostle School.  Students entering the TK program must be four years of age by September 1.  


TK students engage in developmentally appropriate learning that builds foundational skills to support language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, music, and art.  The curriculum follows the standards designed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools.  Additionally the TK is the first year of the ten year religion program designed to foster the Catholic faith in our students.  Transitional Kindergarten students automatically matriculate to the Kindergarten program.


The Transitional Kindergarten is housed in the Parish Children’s Center located on the upper campus.  It is a fully secure and enclosed space specifically designed for four year olds.  The ideal class will consist of twenty students with one teacher and one teacher’s assistant, however, class size may vary.  The tuition for the TK is the same as for the rest of the school, however there is an additional supply fee of $500 to cover the cost of consumable materials needed in a TK program.


The Transitional Kindergarten school year begins the Tuesday after Labor Day.  On this day parents submit all paperwork and students visit the classroom and meet their teachers.  Students do not stay for class on this day.  On the Wednesday following Labor Day, students will stay for the full day.  The TK hours for a full day are 8:20 am to 2:30 pm.   


The admission process for the TK involves an afternoon play session.  At this session we will be looking to see if prospective students can:

Sit and listen

Follow an instruction

Communicate verbally

Play collaboratively

Be well behaved


Additionally, parents are expected to attend the interview session.  The date is given through the online application process.  Parents of current students do not need to attend the interview session.


Preferential acceptance is given to siblings and parishioners who regularly attend mass and support the parish. If space permits, acceptance is offered to non-parishioners, then to non-Catholics.  



  1. Are the TK students considered a part of the school.
    Yes, the school will now be a TK-through 8th grade program with an aligned curriculum for all grades.

  2. Will the TK students participate in school families?
    Once the students are settled and comfortable we will introduce them to school families.  This most likely will not happen until sometime after January.

  3. Will TK students attend mass?
    They will attend mass after they have met with and gotten to know their 8th grade family leader.  This will most likely not happen until sometime after January.

  4. Where will the TK students eat lunch?
    The TK students will eat lunch in their own secure playground area.

  5. Can they order hot lunch?
    Yes, they can order hot lunch and it will be delivered to them.

  6. Will the TK students have a nap time?
    Yes, there will be a rest time for the TK students.  During this time they will listen to music, or to a story, and rest on a mat.

  7. Why does school start later for the TK program?
    School starts later (after Labor Day) for the TK program so that the smallest students can be given the attention they deserve and not be lost in the hustle of the beginning of the year for the rest of the school program.  Additionally, this assures that all students are four years old when the program begins.

  8. Why are the hours different for the TK program?  8:00-1:30 M, 8:20-2:30 T-F?
    Developmentally, four year olds often need to be walked into the school.  By starting the day a bit later for them, we can free up parking space so that parents can park and walk them in.  For the same reason, they are released a half hour earlier than the other students.
    The day begins at 8 am on Mondays so that the TK students can attend Monday Morning Assembly.  Parents are welcome to this assembly as well.

  9. Is there an early pick up option?
    Yes, TK students can be picked up at 12:50 Monday through Friday.  The tuition is the same for both options.

  10. Can the TK students attend Falcon’s Nest?
    Yes, they can attend both morning and afternoon Falcon’s Nest.  In the morning they will be walked to their classroom and in the afternoon they will be walked to Falcon’s Nest.

  11. Will the TK students wear a school uniform?
    Yes, they will need to purchase their uniforms from CKW.  It is suggested that both boys and girls wear shorts and pants so that they are free to be four year olds who love to run and play and sit on the ground.





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