Ushers provide an outreach to our parishioners at our Sunday and special Masses. Ushers work together as a team to pass the collection baskets to our parishioners at these Masses. During the Offertory, passing the basket from one parishioner to another in the pews enables each of us in attendance at Mass to present an offering prayer and/or a monetary contribution by touching the basket. Touching the basket is a tangible symbol of our offering. It is also an opportunity to offer our gratitude to God for the blessings we have received during the past week. Not all of us may be able to place a donation into the basket and the gift of prayer is one that, always keeps on giving.

The Greeters Ministry is a new ministry for our parish. To sign up or for more information, check out our Greeters website stphilipgreeters.wix.com/home

In addition to our Ushers, this ministry will provide welcome and hospitality to parishioners and visitors as they come to worship our Lord on Sundays and special Masses. Among those who gather with us on any given Sunday, there may be some who are looking for a church to call their own. Some are new to the area and are trying to decide which parish to join. Others may not yet be part of any church but are visiting churches to find a community of faith that they might join.

Meeting information
Saturday: 5:00pm 
Sunday: 7 am, 9:15 am, 11:00am, 12:30 pm, 5 pm

Contact Information
Ushers—Gene Powell 

[email protected]

Greeters—John Tighe                                                 
Phone: (626)793-0693 ext. 106,
[email protected]